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Transformational Coach

Founder of Haut Altitude, Intuitive and Coach.

"I've found that I naturally create change with everyone I meet, I intuitively 'see' what people need in order to believe in themselves and can help guide them to heal themselves. Everyone has a unique path, and sometimes it takes someone else to help reflect the best in them and help get them 'unstuck' ... we all get stuck in life. Skills to get yourself moving forward and enjoying life again can be taught."  

Renee Chanelle 2019

Specialising in :

Resilience & Life Challenges

Intuitive Development

Somatic Recog./Precog.

Energy management

Self-Confidence & Emotional Mastery

Weightloss, Gut-Health & Biohacking

Organisation, Space Clearing, Establishing Clarity

Marketing, Business & Systems

Personal & Professional Branding

Creativity & Content Planning

Digital & Social Marketing

Renee has a caring, yet straight forward "no BS" approach, and intuitively tunes in to others, with the ability to recognise patterns and their meanings, then 'connecting the dots' quite quickly to understand behaviours.

Working from an energetic basis, using a future-focused approach. She feels it's an advantage not being confined to a 'traditional' model (psychology) of thinking when helping people get 'unstuck' and gain momentum in life. She has further developed skills in this area, having undertaken RTT (Rapid Transformation Therapy) training.

Renee also assists other entrepreneurs, authors, therapists, coaches and psychologists with their digital marketing and business systems. Having worked in photography & photo-editing, graphic design, website design/development and social media since 2010, "it's still a fun job".

"Having a very creative streak and visual aesthetic, and technical and systems curiosity coming naturally has been super helpful with the way tech, business & marketing are evolving & merging. Not to mention the need for everyone in business needing to be online"

Energetic guidance
Life Experience

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Project Management
Intuitive Coaching
Change & Transformation
Organised Chaos

About Renee

"I believe that we're all here to reach our highest potential!
why not seek help to figure it out quicker?"

Life gets in the way and many of us end up living in 'survival mode', rather than thriving as the unique  and gifted humans we were meant to be.  Renee has a diverse professional background and experience in career transitions across professions and industries.

"Personally I feel I've lived many lifetimes within this one. I've constantly transformed myself and my own reality and now excited about coaching others to do the same"

For the past 20 years she has been on a self-development and spiritual journey which has lead down many 'rabbit holes', which developed insight in many areas. Her now adult son "has been one of (her) biggest teachers, ... Having a child early in life helps you mature quickly and dropping your ego is essential". The journey has been an interesting one!

After having her drink spiked during after-work drinks on a Friday night she developed significant gut health issues.
Soon after getting to a stage of burnout being a parent & also working 50-60hrs wk in project-managment.

Realising everything had to change, she moved to Cairns and became co-owner of a business, and started developing her creative skills in beautiful Far North Queensland. Over the past 10 years personal research on all things gut-health, fitness and body-mind connection has resulted in a wealth of knowledge.

"I saw so many doctors & specialists, although well-intentioned, couldn't help at all, and I soon realised I had to take responsibility for healing myself"

The need for flexible part-time work led to working in a psychology practice. While having a strong business, marketing & organisational background has certainly been helpful, the curiosity about being able to see people's patterns has always been strong. This inspired the creation of a different way to help clients in a very different way. Renee started studying a Bachelor of Psychology in 2003 and then pivoted her efforts toward business & marketing, and now focusing these skills in a cohesive way to help people better understand themselves.

"Sometimes when you fight your initial intuition and listen to other people & parents opinions. Then the universe brings you full-circle back to what you were wired to do. I'm sure I'll continue to evolve as that's the fun part. The detour was super helpful, I just took the scenic route ... lol"

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"If you're wanting an accountability partner and coach who's caring, objective, and has a client focused "no BS with love" approach then I'd love to help. There's not much I take personally as I understand that people in pain tend to pass it on.  I look forward to connecting and helping you design your new life."  ~ Renee Chanelle

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"Renee is very knowledgeable in many areas, Thankyou! you gave me my life back!"

— Matt

"Renee has so much wisdom to share, and her words are healing in many ways"

— Christine J.

"Renee is very tuned in & seems to know the right words to say that can change my perspective quite quickly and help me focus on creating my future"

— Anoymous

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