Which Australian businesses will serve me or hire me when I’m not vaccinated?

Which businesses will serve me or hire me when I'm not vaccinated? This is the question many are asking.

Let's help answer it!

Welcome to 1 Planet Directory. Supporting Personal Freedoms & Choices is what we're about.

We DO NOT buy into the anti-vax debate, nor any religous or other ideological debates - so please leave these opinions elsewhere as they will be appropriately deleted & ignored here.

This is about supporting personal choice and the right to control our own health and trust that we know our own bodies. There are many stories throughout recent history of 'recommended mendications' that have had devastating long term effects and some that haven't been uncovered yet.

This is about supporting people to make informed choices and  personal choices should not be discriminated against.

The choice to support our planet and choose sustainable products which don't harm the environment. No matter your beliefs on climate change, we can all be more responsible for looking after our environment.

Support people in our Communities that have different abilities to be involved, be productive, have a purpose and support their passions. The NDIS is funding many people with permanent disability in our community, however there are many that don't 'qualify' yet still need help.

We are programmed to identify as a certain gender, race, religon, sexuality etc. etc. yet we fail to identify all our similarities.

Granted that we gravitate toward people who have the same belief systems and understand social constructs the same way we do. However, what if you met everyone with curiosity rather than judgement?

Everyone is at a different level of personal growth and self-awareness, so there's certainly no judgement, just a request for understanding and kindness.

People you think you know well have likely been through traumatic and difficult times you aren't remotely aware of. Some are going through a really tough time right now & you're non-the-wiser. Have you taken the time to really enquire or ask?

This directory is about connecting people based on an open minded and open hearted approach to surviving in a rapidly changing world, and use each others strengths to support one another.

I hope this business directory helps many in need of finding the right connections!

Author: ReneeChanelle

Founder & Facilitator

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